Airlines can easily improve
their disruption process
with a flexible and
ready-to-connect plataform


Access to a wide selection of rooms and hotels. Personalize the options based on passengers' label. Bookings and check-ins made easy. Instant Availability of rooms.

Food Vouchers

Release food vouchers to passengers. Let them choose their meal. Redeem electronically and track who used the voucher.

made ease

Book the the best cost/benefit solution to deliver your passengers. Or let them self-service a transportation.

Instant Information

Inform passengers in real-time notifications, new booking and schedule

Self-Service (optional)

Let your passenger decide where to eat, to sleep and the most convenient way to get there. Create a ominichannel service plataform for your customers.


Control, manage and adjust the entire disruption process


Everything integrated to your systems. Deliver the best experience no matter the electronic platform.


To provide flexibility and rapidly adapt to Customer Service requirements, SmartFlight is divided into 4 modules:


SmartFlight’s main module, the contingency module controls information from multiple airline platforms, consolidating and organizing data. It also manages and issues vouchers for the passengers. The data is available through APIs for safe management.


The hotel module works OTA for the hospitality industry. It manages the availability of rooms and sends reservations directly to the hotel. The information about prices and availability are safely kept. It is ideal for both streamlining the operation of Transportation Companies and for providing self-service solutions for passengers.

Individual transportation

The individual transportation module also provides solutions for both individuals and the transportation companies. Passengers can use it to call for taxis and ridesharing applications while transportation companies receive invoices for the service. This reduces operational costs and improves the process by increasing the passengers’ access to service.


The restaurant module allows passengers to use their boarding pass as food vouchers. A per passenger Aallowance is readily available and redeemed directly at the restaurants.




Time reduction from notice to check-in. Less staff involved for every 100 passengers. Transportation cost reduction with optimize scheduling.

  • 84%

    time reduction

  • 75%

    less staff

  • 30%

    transport cost